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After finalizing the images with the client for retouching "the process" begins by cleaning up blemishes, fly away hairs, and fixing any small scars. Then it is color graded to the right mood I am trying to portray on the certain location and subject. Depending on how much retouching is needed it can start at an hour per photo. This photo shown above is an example of the process I go through to make retouching still natural looking, but makes the model even more elegant. 


Above are some images I have shot in the studio and out of the studio with natural light.

Mood board 08.18.18.jpg

Before the editing even begins though "the process" starts even earlier when it comes to the concept and outfit style choices. This is a typical mood board I would send to a client to be able to get an idea of what I am looking for and and the colors I want to work with as far as clothing pieces go. I think this not only helps me as a photographer know what I am visualizing it also helps the model know too when it comes to finding articles of clothing that fit them and the look I am trying to portray. This not only can be transferred from fashion editorial shoots, but to all other photo styles I work with on a regular basis. This particular mood board reflects the image at the top of the page in the style I was going for.