Living By The Seat of Our Pants


This past Easter weekend was a trip to remember. I never quite knew what adventures I was going to go on. All I knew was my parents wanted me to come home to visit. This is when I get a text from Savannah wondering what I was going to do this weekend. I said I had a few shoots, but just relax at home. As the title of this journal entry says I really did live by the seat of my pants. She wanted to go to the tulip festival for sunset. I had never been to the Wooden shoe tulip festival so I agreed to go. Shortly after, Hannah texts Savannah and me saying let's go to Spencer Butte for a sunrise Friday morning. How could I turn that down? Caleb snapchats Hannah and me saying lets go to Abiqua Falls Saturday and meet up at 8:45am. Being the person I am I could not turn down that offer, but I had some shoots to do Saturday morning. With some quick thinking I decided to have the models come with us to the falls. I did not know if they would be down, but turns out they were excited. Unfortunately it was prom weekend too so they had to reply Friday and say they could not join. Just remember I did say I was living by the seat of my pants. 


 5:30am Hannah responds with a text, "my bed is so warm, I don't want to get out of bed" this was how all of us felt. By the time we met up the sun was already rising. We felt like we had to do something since we were up so early. We decided to go to Skinners Butte a "hike" that is really close to campus. We got up there and was confronted with another difficult challenge. The gate was closed to drive to the top and we were not feeling a trek up the hill. We call ourselves adventurers, but that day was probably the laziest all three of us had ever felt. Long story short we decided to bail on all adventures that day. Later that day I asked Savannah if she was going to Abiqua. This was the first time she had heard the plans. I thought Hannah had talked to her so this was a shocker to her, but she was down.


6:00am I am getting ready for Savannah to pick me up from my house. Savannah arrives at 7:00am which would land us to Abiqua almost perfectly at 8:45am to meet up with caleb and his friend Trai. I did not picture myself going to Abiqua this weekend, but it felt so unreal. Actually this whole weekend had felt that way. Our original plan when we all got to the falls would be to take Hannah's beast jeep down the unmaintained road. Unfortunately Hannah and Cap got lost thanks to google maps. They did not go to the right place so it was going to take an hour for them to get to our location. Everyone that was present at the fork in the road to Abiqua had horrible reception and could not send our direct location to Hannah and Cap. At this point we had a decision to make. We either walk down to let Hannah and Cap catch up to us or try to drive down. We decided to drive which turned out to not be a bad choice. We met up with some extreme sport athletes that were attempting to jump from the 100 foot waterfall. This was the first attempt on this waterfall ever. 

Now here are some great captures from Abiqua

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Thanks @Calebwallace For the pictures of me


I asked my buddy Taylor if he wanted to join Savannah and I to the Tulip Festival. He responded with a Heck Ya! Unfortunately Cap and Hannah were not going to be able to join us since after their crazy trip to Abiqua wore them out they decided to head back to Eugene. Saturday really made me realize it was actually spring with the beautiful weather we were having and just reminded me summer is just around the corner. Here are some photos I got and Taylor got at the festival that evening for sunset.

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Photo credits to these two images: @taylor.riordan

This weekend was the first official day of new beginnings, adventures, and meeting new people. Get out there and spend time with the people that matter most in your life and maybe living by the seat of your pants once in awhile can be fun. I dare you to try it. See you guys in the next entry.

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