1,680 Miles in 7 Days San Francisco Road Trip

It was the night before my trip with two friends road tripping around California and I could not sleep. I ended up with around 3 hours of sleep that night before having to wake up by 4am to make it to Savannah's house by 5am. My adrenaline was pumping already so I really did not feel the affects of not getting the proper amount of sleep. 4.5 hours in we had picked up Parker from Coos Bay. By then I was feeling tired, but I knew we had a long day ahead and I could not miss the action. Everything seemed to be moving by so quickly around me while I was thinking about only a few weeks ago we had planned this trip. This was the most spontaneous adventure I have had in awhile. Fast forward a few more hours and we had landed ourselves into the beautiful Redwood Forrest. 


It took us a solid 15 hours to get to San Francisco, our first destination, because we explored the beautiful HWY 101. Day two landed us exploring San Francisco a magical city. We caught a wonderful sunset at Battery Spencer Lookout and I captured some great night landscape photography.

_DSC7641 copy.jpg

After spending some time in San Francisco we found ourselves venturing back North a bit to Point Reyes where we traveled quite some time to see the wonderful light house, cypress tree tunnel, and ship wreck. The light house was one of my favorite spots because you traveled through a big pasture filled with majestic cows. I have to admit I was a bit jealous of all the cows and their beautiful view they woke up to every morning overlooking  the ocean. 


HWY 101 was closed in sections so traveling around was a bit difficult, but we got to Santa Cruz in 4 hours on an alternate route from Point Reyes. This is where we were reunited with other friends and explored Shark Fin Cove, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, and caught a great sunset of Aptos Boardwalk.



After Santa Cruz we drove 4 hours to Yosemite to spend a day there. 

After traveling to Yosemite we went back to San Francisco for our last full day.

To sum up the trip we traveled many long hours to epic places, got minimal amount of sleep every night, ate one meal a day (besides snacks), listened to so much music (thanks to Spotify), had Sparkling water for days thank you to @pnw_trish, sleep on one mattress together, and it was a spring break to remember. I would suggest anyone to do the crazy trip we did in 7 days. We originally had a list of all the places we wanted to go, but shortly after getting to California we ditched those plans and just did whatever we felt was doable. I could not have asked for better friends on this trip. 

Our Route

Our Route